Learn to use the easy color design tool in the Web Graphics Creator

The Easy Way to Use Color Design in the Web Graphics Creator

Want an easy way to choose and match colors using the Web Graphics Creator?


Start with any template in your online software (this template is from the “Pinterest” category). Just follow the four easy steps on the image below to use the Color Picker tool:


Learn how to use the color picker tool to easily match a color.


Don’t forget to click on multiple colors in the image to see if one works better for your design than another. You can use this technique with any text or object you’d like to colorize.

The final result is below. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll use it all the time!

NOTE:  As stated in Step #4… ALWAYS click the color picker off (so it again looks faded). Otherwise you might continue to click to modify other elements and you’ll keep changing the color of the original element you selected instead 🙂


Learn to use the easy color design tool in the Web Graphics Creator


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  • Barbara Glenewinkel says:

    So happy to see the color picker! Thank you.

    • Lisa Sylvester says:

      You’re welcome Barbara. One of the small details in the Web Graphics Creator that I absolutely love 🙂

  • Lynn Kingsley says:

    Now that’s a brilliant idea guys! – I can see it’ll save a lot of time – and I’m so in favor of that!!

    • Lisa Sylvester says:

      Well, thanks Lynn! Saving you time and money are our top two goal with this product, so that’s nice to hear 🙂

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