Using the Image Shadow Feature

Here’s how to create a perfect design using the “Image Shadow” feature of the Web Graphics Creator Software:


(Just follow the simple steps on the images below)

How to use the image shadow sliders to create the perfect design


The great thing about the Image Shadow feature in the Web Graphics Creator is that you can use it in different ways to get various visual results. So, by playing around and trying different things, you’ll actually learn a lot about using it your designs.

Notice that the number “10” has a shadow on it as well. The shadow here has been moved to the left side using “Angle”. The shadow gives the number a 3D look, which is particularly useful if you want the number to stand out in your image.

Notice how the coins in the graphic don’t have a shadow. Depending on what you want from your design, you may or may not want to use the shadow feature πŸ™‚ .

Turn the shadow ‘on’ or ‘off’ using the toggle button at the very top.


Learn how to place a shadow on an object in the Web Graphics Creator Software


Most often, you’ll probably want to make a shadow very subtle, as the purpose of a shadow is to give an image visual dimension. Making the shadow easily noticed is not the point πŸ™‚ .

However, you can also play around in ways that make an image more visually interesting, such as in the image below where the shadow is given a color.


Learn how to use the image shadow feature in the Web Graphics Creator online software


One last thing…

Using a shadow on text works exactly the same way, except that you’ll access the shadow feature through the text menu.

Have fun!

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